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Recovery books contain the holy word of God,
explained in a comprehensive manner void of private interpretation for spiritual growth and understanding.


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You are welcome on board to,
faith, healing and deliverance.

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The God Land Estate presently.
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GAT 24 May be held at GV

The Church Auditorium is undergoing construction
at the Godland Estate, in Lagos, Nigeria.

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White Sunday Service

Central Headquaters

“The Church (Worldwide)” is a missionary nonprofit oriented evangelical outreach Church of the saints.”

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Central Headquaters

White Sunday Service

Central Headquarters

Super Sunday Service (SSS)

Central Headquarters

Global Annual Spotlight (GAS)

Central Headquarters

Cross Over Night (2024)

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We are appreciating all the charitable donors and contributions from any part of the world because of the love of God in Christ.

Who we are?

The Church

The Church (Worldwide) is bound to focussing only upon the biblical bibliography to avoid religious mingling with the chastity of the New Testament pattern of the Kingdom of Christ. The Church (Worldwide) is modelled to stand upon what the word of the Lord says and live it and for it. “The Church (Worldwide)” is not a commercial trading and gain making industry, but use charitable donations or contributions to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Saints are encouraged to do commercial ventures, and pay their taxes in the organisations of their respective engagements. They are made to honour the Lord in love and regards to the community citizens and the Church. The motto is “Go you into the world and preach the gospel to all nations and baptising them that believe in the Person and name of Jesus Christ. All that believe are baptised only in the name of Jesus Christ. We use this medium to cheerfully invite all willing returnees to Christ in this life before it becomes too late.

What we project?


The will of God we discovered in holy bible is that, all who serve and worship the Lord in the true revelation of His grace and truth, will live with the Lord in the bliss of eternity. The churches of this world are supposed to blend into the same pattern of the Kingdom as projected in the holy Bible without adding or subtracting from the unchangeable will of God. We also use this medium to invite all and sundry to link up with the global broadcast projected on the internet. The click link below to connect now… . We project Recovery Services every Sunday on global platform, in sessions one and two except otherwise. We also conduct Recovery Baptismal Classes to enhance what the knowledge of baptism in the name of Jesus Christ is all about. The Church is duty bound to encourage the women to be what they are appointed to be in the Lord. The young people are hereby encouraged to grow connectivity according to the word of the Lord Jesus Christ, to. serve as tools for usefulness to God and humanity.