1). Besides this planet earth, there are other planets spread all over the galaxy or the universe.

2). There are probably some kind of noises in those planets.

3). Judging by what we see on Earth, and beginning from history of creation, we can conclude that the first sound ever, was heard from God.

4). We see in Genesis 1:3 where a sound proceeded from God when He said, “let there be light and immediately there was light that illuminated the world till today.

5). This might have probably been from where the evolutionists came up with the theory of what they call Big Bang.

6). The evolutionists do not want to believe that the universe was created by the Almighty God of the Holy Bible.

7). They have concluded that the universe began by a sound of Big Bang and everything began to come into existence.

8). The big question the world needs to ask and demand answers from the theoretical evolutionists are:

9). Who was the Big Bang before it sounded the universe into existence?

10). Was the big bang a being, or how was it?

11). Where did the Big Bang acquire the intelligence of creation.

12). Was it the Big Bang that inspired the existing names of all the names that are named on the planet earth?

13). Is the Big Bang a man or a spirit?

14). If he is any of those, how did he manage to come into existence?

15). Was the Big Bang created, and if so, who created him?

16). Who is this big bang by nature?

17). I think the Big Bang theoreticians have lots of questions to address and settle the demands of their intended followers.

18). You can all see how much the devil is an unimaginable liar, even as he confused madam Eve to believe a lie leading to her deflecting and ended eating amiss.

19). The earth planet is grossly, a noted noisy planet.

20). There are things that belong to the LORD God Almighty amongst things that exist on earth.

21). As it is written, “Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness”, there are also other worships on earth which are not of the Most High God.

22). They are therefore ugly worships which are not beautiful.

23). As words are spoken on this earth, even so the words of God are spoken on the same earth.

24). As there are various methods of doctrines that are believed in the world and promoted by those that believe such, even so Christ is the only doctrine that belongs to God.

25). As there are gospels preached by many gospellers, there is only one gospel that belongs to God Almighty.

26). It is written in the Bible book of Galatians 1:8-9 that other gospels are accursed with their promoters, because they are artificial ideological gospels.

27). According to the headline of this subject, we must note that Noises have to do with sounds.

28). All sounds do not produce the same melody.

29). For instance, the word of God says “make a joyful noise in the house of God

30). Psalm 98:4 “Make a joyful noise to the LORD, of all the earth, make a loud noise and rejoice and sing praises”.

31). Psalm 98:6 “With trumpets and sounds of cornet, make a joyful noise before or in the presence of the LORD, KING”.

32). Psalm 100:1 “Make a joyful noise to the LORD all the people of the lands”.

Identification Of Noises

33). There are noises of various engine sounds.

34). There are noises of various sounds of particular wild and domestic birds and fowls.

35). There are various sounds and noises amidst varieties of wildlife and insects.

36). There are also great noises of battles in the war zones of both wounded warriors and the active ones.

37). There are noisy sounds of the roaring and raging of seas.

38). There are great noises and wailings of the living creatures in the seas.

39). There is also a particular sound or noise of the raging of thunderings in some cloudy weather.

40). Lightning sparks and produces a sharp light that gives way to some great noisy sounds in the clouds.

Lies And The Truth

41). The sound of lies is so loud and self defensive.

42). Lies are protective of coverage of deception.

43).Liars are always mindful of self defence, to protect their coverage from being exposed.

44). The serpent that beguiled Eve by politicking on her, did so in order to deceive her.

45). Liars are deceivers like the serpent of Satan .

46). Lies are opposed to the truth.

47). Lies appear to be easily believed, because of its references to unfounded antecedents.

48). Liars are more smart in oration, due to their application of cleverness to convince the simple.

The Noise Of God

49). The noise of God is the noise of faith. The descent of Jesus Christ from heaven to the earth was entirely the coming of faith upon the earth.

50). Faith comes by hearing the word that comes from the mouth of Christ according to Romans 10:17.

51). Christ is the Word which was God, and the same Word was made to put on the flesh as man to save mankind.

52). This is according to John1:1,10 &14. Make a joyful noise of faith to the Lord of lords.

53). The noise of faith is the only prevailing noise in the midst of noises.

54). Other noises are the sounds of world, but the noise of faith is the Kingdom of heaven.

55). The Lord says, should He find faith on earth when He will return to the earth to receive the saints?

56). Be there where you may be found as divine joyful noise maker for the Kingdom.

57). Make His and His Person known to all and sundry. Amen.

May we in Him be found